About Us

BrandsWeb, Corp. (BrandsWeb) is a cross-boarder high-tech incubation firm with offices in U.S., Taiwan, and Singapore.
BrandsWeb is an International venture capital firm focused on early-stage Information, Internet and Telecommunication (IIT) businesses. We help entrepreneurs grow companies by providing operational funds, comprehensive resources, strategic advice, and access to an extensive network of business relationships.
Entrepreneurship is particularly important to all BrandsWeb’s staff. BrandsWeb is being formed to incubate Asian and American talents to take advantage of the growing need for emerging Asian, venture-backed companies to establish a presence in the rapidly expanding global market; the demand in the embryonic Asian “venture” industry for quality investment opportunities and better ties with their Western counterparts; and the desire of the Asian government to improve the quality and expand resources of its venture capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure that it views as essential for the regions future growth and development.
The core competence of BrandsWeb is the vision and the understanding of IIT, and how these technologies will be key for the creation of break-through applications, combined with an international network of excellence among researchers and entrepreneurs.
The advent of broadband will have a major impact on the way businesses operate providing opportunities for new services and contents.
We believe it is a timing issue, rather than a 'will be' issue. BrandsWeb is positioning its portfolio of investments to be ready to take advantage of the broadband opportunities when they become available.
BrandsWeb also delivers value added advisory services and business development strategies to on-line and off-line businesses. BrandsWeb provides access to significant business opportunities through a global network of companies, executives and advisors.
BrandsWeb’s primary objective is to develop, build, and to establish long-term working relationships with its portfolios that build on BrandsWeb’s global resource, management experience and expertise.
BrandsWeb is fully committed in delivering the highest quality valued added services and business building strategies to corporate management, in order to facilitate the decision making process and contributing to effective business execution by management, thus producing optimal operating results and realizing increased shareholder value.
The heart of the BrandsWeb’s strategy is to provide its clients with strategic, financial, technical and managerial advisory services that build on BrandsWeb’s experience and expertise.

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