Telecommunication, Internet, Information companies which will increase their growth potential through their contractual affiliation with BrandsWeb and its comprehensive services offered. These services include business model design and implementation, technical consulting, funding, growth-via-acquisition strategies, venture capital financing advisory, and pre-IPO and post-IPO process management.
BrandsWeb is also specialized in examining and analyzing Asian clients’ existing business models and business strategies, conducting basic market and industry research and designing an overall strategy for the clients with step-by-step plan. BrandsWeb assists Asian clients to identify appropriate strategic partners and assists clients with deal structuring, negotiation, legal, financial and technical due diligence; Besides, BrandsWeb provides the marketing strategy design to clients, by which its clients could be re-structured, strategic allied, and introduced to the US and global market.
BrandsWeb assists Asia clients to formulate strategy in preparation of a US (or Hong Kong) public listing, to identify strategic partners, underwriters and institutional investors, and to engage and coordinate the efforts.
BrandsWeb helps Asia clients to assemble a US (or Hong Kong) professional service team, including auditing firm(s), law firm(s), public relations firm(s), underwriters and other agents that provide services for the preparation of US (or Hong Kong) public listing of the company.
BrandsWeb advises Asia Clients with respect to its financial policy and relationships with potential individual and institutional investors. c 2000-2015 All Rights Reserved